Awards Program

Each year at our annual conference AZGIA is proud to present awards to deserving individuals in the areas of Citizens Award for Courage, Law Enforcement Award for Courage, Lifetime Achievement, and the AZGIA Award for Excellence.

Nomination Deadlines
Nominations are due by August 5th of each year.

Award Criteria:
Citizens Award for Courage
Awarded to the victim or witnesses selected by the committee that meets the following criteria: Victim or Witness of a gang related crime that occurred the year prior to the award being considered or the subsequent prosecution occurred in the year prior to the award being considered. Victim or Witness showed considerable courage during the investigative and subsequent prosecution of the gang member/members. Victim or Witness fully cooperated with law enforcement and prosecution to bring the case to trial.

Law Enforcement Award for Courage
Awarded to law enforcement personnel who during the previous year have risked their lives during the course of their duty and with full knowledge of the risk involved, distinguishing themselves by exhibiting personal gallantry beyond what police duty requires during the course of a gang related investigation.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Awarded to law enforcement, prosecution, or any other profession involved in education, intervention, and prevention on gang related issues and investigation and prosecution of gang crimes. The individual must be someone who has devoted a significant amount of time during their career to investigating, prosecuting, and education or prevention efforts related to gangs demonstrating exemplary work to be held up as a role model. The committee will evaluate the tenure of the individual involved in working in gang related areas and evaluate whether the individual was involved in mentoring officers and conducting training. The deciding factor shall be if the individual has had a distinguished career with an emphasis on working gangs and is well respected by his/her peers.

AZGIA Award For Excellence
Awarded to any law enforcement officer, civilian law enforcement personnel, media personnel, educator or neighborhood activist who have gone above and beyond in their work to reduce gang related crime in their community. This can be awarded to anyone that the committee determines meets the general criteria for the award.

Gang Prosecutor Award

Awarded to any county, city, or federal prosecutor who has excelled in their efforts to rid communities of gang members and offer swift and sure justice to victims of gang related crimes.

Intervention/Prevention Award

Awarded to any law enforcement officer, civilian law enforcement personnel, media personnel, educator or citizen who have gone above and beyond in their work to deter, prevent, or persuade youth from joining a criminal street gang or successfully removing them from a criminal street gang.  This can be consistent and focused prevention and education efforts for at risk youth or one-on-one efforts with current gang members to provide alternatives to the gang life style.

Anyone can nominate a person for an AZGIA Award so please take a few minutes to nominate a deserving Individual.


AZGIA Awards